Editorial Board

The Blog’s staff is at your disposal. Write at blogrise.unifiatgmail.com to join the board, submit articles, or for more information.
Anyone can submit articles, even if you’re not a RISE or Unifi student.

Stefano Pellegrino, editor-in-chief (stefano.pellegrino@stud.unifi.it)
Elena Miscischia, editor (elena.miscischia@stud.unifi.it)
Aicha Sakhi, editor (aicha.sacki@stud.unifi.it)
Rachele Vedovelli, editor (rachele.vedovelli@stud.unifi.it)
Stefano Filipuzzi, social media officer (stefano.filipuzzi@stud.unifi.it)
Ana Maria Orbu, social media officer (ana.orbu@stud.unifi.it)
Edelawit Siri, social media officer (edelawit.siri@stud.unifi.it)

Regular contributors
Antonella Benedetto (antonella.benedetto@studenti.unitn.it)
Veronica Stassi (veronica.stassi@stud.unifi.it)

Former Staff
Francesco Bortoletto, former editor-in-chief (francesco.bortoletto@stud.unifi.it)
Giulia Maini, former editor (giulia.maini@stud.unifi.it)


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